REDX VIT Club Intromeet

With lots of curiosity, young innovators from VIT College Pune, attended the REDX VIT Pune Intromeet. This meet began with series of questions like; Can India see a growth phase undersome able leadership only? Should we expect existing challenges and problems to be solved by some able people? Is it possible to engage talent across nation bought together to solve problems for billions? Can we have a platform for such passionate people who can create great things, and companies that are aspiring to solve bigger problems?

As Prof. Ramesh Rasker rightly said, “ World is our Lab” the vision of Club was pitched of solving billion people problem with 10 times (better + cheaper + faster) solution. Later an interactive session was held on ‘Accessible healthcare and India’, ‘Assistive technology for specially abled’ and ‘Smart transportation for India and its smart cities’. This event was concluded by explaining proven framework for bottom-up innovation i.e. SPOT - PROBE - GROW - LAUNCH for getting impactful outcomes. We are proud to announce you that more than 600 students attended this event and 100+ students registered for 10 week SPOT - PROBE session immediately after. And registration of students still continues..

Prof. Sujit M Deokar, 
Club Advisor,