REDX BKBIET Club’s launch ceremony was held at BK Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology on 27th Jan, 2018.

The event was inaugurated in presence of all Club Advisors, Senior Board members (including scientists from CSIR-CEERI, Pilani and Manipal University), Club’s core team members and hosted more than 190 college students. Presentations were made by senior faculty of the Institute and Senior Board members of the Club about global innovation landscape, major challenges in India, and the concept of bottom-up innovation. We shared that our theme of interest is creating cost-effective innovations for the differently abled.

Students have shown great interest and are passion to explore this domain. So currently, we are accepting applications with specific problem statements within this theme that they’d like to work on, under the scheme SYP(Share Your Problem).The deadline for submission is 15 February, 2018; after which we shall begin with the REDX SPOT-PROBE sessions.

By: Bhupendra Kumar Jangir, Advisor at REDX BKBIET Club