REDX Platform

REDX brings together technical experts, innovators, researching institutions, implementation partners and corporate partners that will allow us to solve the most pressing challenges within our communities. 

REDX labs and clubs serve as gateways to the energy and creativity of innovators who are creating solutions to satisfy significant social needs.

In collaboration with experts from several research centers, bright young innovators from all regions around the world have the opportunity to work closely with corporate executives, academics from institutions of higher learning, government officials and experienced mentors. This empowers them to imagine and develop solutions that can solve major problems affecting citizens in resource-constrained areas and situations.

There are REDX Labs and Clubs on almost every continent around the world.

Emerging Worlds Event in India this January 24 to 29

MIT scientists and collaborators are hosting workshops in January 2017 in India -- to SPOT problems and PROBE solutions with invited experts, scientists and change makers. We will explore billion dollar problems for citizens and communities in emerging worlds -- including farmers, merchants, women and crowds -- in several areas to improve billions of lives: 

  1. AI and the Data Revolution
  2. Imaging for Social Good
  3. Personal Identity and Low Cost Wearables
  4. Maps and Geo-centric Tech
  5. Machine Learning for Digital Health 

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