Setting up a REDX Club: 5 Steps

The onboarding process to become a REDX club includes appointing a core team, senior board and an academic advisor, establishing a community coalition, and recruiting innovators and mentors. A successful application demonstrates that you and your founding members are organized, dedicated, creative, responsible, and passionate about finding solutions to problems that can impact billions of lives.

If accepted, your club will receive an official REDX Club license, funding, and enrollment in a 10-week course. Upon completion of the 10-week course, Clubs receive certification directly from Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab.

(1)  Create a core team

  • You need at least 3 people to come together and take on the roles of Coordinator, Treasurer and Webmaster. You can also add other roles. These core team members will coordinate most of the REDX Club’s meetings, activities, projects, speakers, and other Club functions.

(2)  Confirm a REDX Club Advisor

  • The advisor is typically a faculty member, institute leader or a scientist. At academic institutes, this person is responsible for leading negotiations within the institution and faculty and acting as an academic advisor, according to university rules, as well as with outside institutions.

(3)  Designate Space

  • You will need a conference room or classroom space to host the weekly spot-probe discussions. You will also need internet connectivity plus a video screen to watch online content. Upload photos of these facilities along with your submission form..

(4)  Populate Calendar

  • Each Spot-Probe cycle lasts 10 weeks, 2 hours per week. Select your weekly slot, start date and end date,

(5) Assemble a REDX Club Senior Board

  • This group of approximately five to ten leaders are responsible for selecting projects, Your team should include people with diverse skills and interests -- including skills in engineering, IT, business and design. In the beginning, your Club may not have many material resources available. As a result, your Board’s most important resource will be the contacts you can convene: people you know with skills, expertise, materials, facilities, and other resources that will help you put your ideas into action.

REDX peer-to-peer invention pathways

REDX clubs emphasize on the peer-to-peer invention process, so it is critical to build a great peer network.

(1) Plan REDX Club Build-a-thon - like a barn raising

  • Big event that gets the community involved - talent magnet for people and ideas.

  • Launch PartyThe goals of this event are to build connections with other students and organizations, to establish your REDX Club as a major presence in your school or community, and to draw large numbers of applicants to your Club. Using your club’s connections and network, you can hold a big event for hundreds of people from such different sectors of society as business, research institutions, government, civic organizations, and industry. These people will benefit your project and provide necessary resources for your club in the future. Typically, a launch party will have a host, several speakers from different professions, REDX club members, and audience from society. The whole party should not take longer than four hours. It is recommended to start the event in the afternoon and end before 9 PM.  

  • REDX clubs should be familiar with the SPOT PROBE GROW LAUNCH platform. This is the path that we take to identify problems to pursue, and to progress from idea to proof of concept to prototype to solution to impact. Typically, a first event will uncover and articulate challenges that innovators can pursue.

  • Look Local, Think Global: REDX Clubs are encouraged to draw inspiration from current issues in their communities to provide perspectives that outsiders might not be able to bring. An ideal proposal of a project should not only focus on its original problem, but also have practical implications on a broader perspective.

  • Look Before You Leap: Make sure your REDX Club team is capable of carrying out the project you plan before you bite off more than you can chew. Just because an idea is good doesn’t mean that it is feasible. Be ambitious, but make sure your projects won’t be unrealistically challenging, time-consuming, or expensive for your Club and team members.

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: In a university environment, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of brilliant people involved in groundbreaking work potentially related to your project. Take advantage of them!  These projects can tie in closely with work that people are already doing on class assignments, senior theses, dissertations, Ph.D. research, anything you can think of!


(2) Spend 10 weeks training and developing the ideas

  • Peer to peer inventing You will employ a four phase process each week, (i) Resource mapping (ii) Problem Canvas (iii) Solution Canvas and (iv) Findings map. They involve field work, brainstorming, online course materials, self-training.and working with partners and stakeholders.

  • Videos/Multimedia During the 10-week session, it is important to keep absorbing new ideas and inspirations from renowned individuals. This will involve online as well as on-site videos and interactions. For example, Ramesh Raskar’s “Idea Hexagon” is a solid starting point to stimulate the club's innovation spirit. The REDX team can help you craft the course materials that you can take online.

  • Peers, Partners and Stakeholders You will engage stakeholders at the beginning, during and at the end of the 10 week program. You will also make connections with other technology or engineering clubs on tech fronts. Sharing contacts, ideas, materials, and resources benefits everyone!


(3) Share, Connect and Launch

  • Open Platform We expect all REDX clubs to openly share their findings and resources online. The findings include your refined problem statement, invention, prototype and the stakeholder response.. 
  • Launch With feedback from your peers, you can take your idea to the next phase or pass on to the next team. You can apply to for additional funding.

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